What are Orthodontic Aligners?

Teeth straightening, known within dentistry as Orthodontics, traditionally used metal brackets and ugly wires to straighten your teeth. By contrast Smilelign is an invisible orthodontic aligner system that uses the latest technology on the UK dental market. Smilelign’s revolutionary clear brace aligner gives you the straight smile you always dreamed of. Smilelign is practically invisible, so people won’t even know you’re having your teeth straightened.

Smilelign is a pioneering Clear Orthodontic Aligner system, integrating the latest software and 3D CADCAM technology to produce invisible orthodontic aligners, treatment plans and study model archiving. Patient’s models are scanned with our Smilelign 3D digital scanner, the software will analyse the treatment requirements and number of aligners required to achieve these objectives. The 3D data can be sent digitally to your clinic for assessment. Smilelign Invisible orthodontic aligner system uses the latest technology on UK dental market.


Pricing Breakdown


£50 : for initial consultation to assess suitability for the procedure

£250 : for diagnostics. This includes orthodontic examination, impressions, x-rays, photos and pre-aligners which can double up as bleaching trays depending on the severity of the problem the price per arch depends on the number of aligners required

If you decide to decline the free whitening you will receive a gel and a set of pre-aligners

If you decide to go ahead then the pricing is as follows

Cosmetic Treatment : up to 3 aligners £995

Mild Cases : 4-6 aligners £1500

Moderate : 7-9 aligners £2500

Severe : 10+ aligners £4000