Dr Ali Al-Ausi

Dr Ali graduated from the University of Leeds Dental institute in 2007. After which he completed his vocational training in East yorkshire. He then persued his passion for travelling by living and working in Singapore and Australia for several years. This opportunity gave him the ability to learn about new dental materials, techniques and methods in different part’s of the world.

Dr Ali has always been interested in saving teeth and strongly believes natural teeth have no equal subsitute. He aims to retain and restore teeth including the most heavily broken ones. To do so, Dr Ali has engrossed himself in numerous courses, training workshops, seminars, lectures and advanced reading material to perfect his level of skill and knowledge. He is highly experienced in the areas which involve saving teeth such as endodontics (root canal treatment), periodontal surgery (crown lengthening) and prosthodontics (restoring teeth).

His other strong attributes is his gentle and soft approach when treating patients. He tirelessly works to make sure his patients are comfortable and at ease during the procedure. He has invested heavily on dental gadgets and devices to provide pain free injections. He also insists on performing at the highest level and has a wide range of the latest and best material and equipment at his disposal. To achieve precision and accuracy Dr Ali carries the majority of his work under a powerful high magnification microscope.